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Demographics Form Required Fields



  • Eric Secker

    You can add your vote on that issue below... and then wait three more years for it be implemented probably.

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  • Christina Jackson

    Yes, please allow us to make certain parts of the demographics form required. It is messing with my practice big time. At least 50% of my clients skip right over required fields that I have to have for billing. 

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  • Kristy Novinski

    ^^ Absolutely this. Insurance also requires information on Spouse or Parent DOB/Address/Sex if the client is not the primary insured.

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  • Danielle H. Friedman, LCSW

    This has been requested for so long (4 years ago) and I don't understand why we can't choose which demographic data are mandatory for our individual practices. I waste time chasing down the details from clients - when I remember to do so. Having clients and contacts be required to complete info like address and DOB for example would save me a lot of last minute hassles.

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  • Nicole Gaskins

    We have the same issue.  We need race & ethnicity to be a required question on the demographics form.  This data is requested/required for more grant applications, etc. and we have no way of running a report or compiling this data otherwise.

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  • Melissa McCafferty

    Has there been a fix to this? Like everyone, I need the address to be required for insurance billing.


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  • Aska Yoshizu

    I'm just learning this functionality is unavailable and quite disappointed to say the least. 
    Voted for it.

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