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family client



  • Aron Pederson

    Agreed. Would love to, at the very least, receive an update about this topic/task. SimplePractice, is there a projection or estimate on when this feature may be implemented?

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  • Karen Nelson

    I agree, I am a Family Therapist so I have many family units and it is difficult to schedule, bill and do notes without setting up the family as a unit. 

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  • Amy Glover

    Requesting this as well. Would love the option to add more than 2 individuals to a unit. 

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  • Sarah Joyner

    I would appreciate this as well.  

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  • Kelli Penner

    SP, please add this feature. This is absolutely necessary in our field.

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  • Tyler-Leah Jackson

    I have a family of four and need this feature immediately, as I primarily work with families

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  • Casey Heinsch

    I agree! We need the ability to make a family file!!! Our whole practice are families. 

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