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Poor connectivity



  • Klara Granger

    I am having the same issues since beginning of August. 

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  • Brian D. Dietrich

    I'm also experiencing a precipitous drop from excellent to poor. My other devices (iPhone and iPad) show an excellent connection. Only my Macbook Pro (2017) seems affected, and like others, this only started in August. Please advise.

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  • Aleiya Luke

    I'm also experiencing this along with the clients that I am seeing and it isn't an internet connection issue. Is there any resolution?

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  • Carolyn Mosko

    I'm also experiencing this.  How do I get info on it?


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  • Rachel Lurie

    I am also experiencing this!

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  • Marya Samuelson

    Me too!  My home Mac Pro shows ALL of my wifi bars but when I'm into a video session it drops to poor and it is disrupting my connection?  What can we do to fix this???

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