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Client cannot access superbills



  • Kathleen Burke

    Superbills cannot be viewed from the portal like invoices; instead, they are emailed to the client. When you open the Superbill, their will be an button in the upper-right corner for you to sent that email. The client will receive an email with the Superbill attached as a PDF. 
    However, you can manually upload a Superbill to the Client Portal to share with the client. With the Superbill open, click the Downward Arrow icon to download it. On the client's main page, go to Uploaded Files on the right-hand side, click Upload New and select the Superbill. Navigate to Shared with Client above Uploaded Files, click Share New and select the Superbill under Uploaded Files. 

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  • Beth Fox

    This is not true.  Clients should be able to view superbills if they are set up as the responsible person for billing...

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  • Kathleen Burke

    Hello Beth,

    I hate to get into an argument in a community forum, but you are wrong. The link you sent takes you to a page where it indeed states, "Enabling access to billing documents allows clients to see invoices, statements, and superbills." However, if you read through those pages, there are no instructions on how a client can actually gain access to Superbills.

    I sent a help request directly to SP and asked basically the same question that Jennifer is asking. What I explained to Jennifer was what was explained to me by SP support.

    So Beth, if you know another way access Superbills from the client portal other than that which was explained by SP support, I'm all ears.


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  • Beth Fox

    Just trying to share accurate and helpful info, not trying to "argue".

    My response from SP (I didn't include the screenshots)....

    Hi Beth,
    I hope you're doing well. I understand you have some questions regarding your client's superbills. I'd be happy to help.
    For reference, statements and superbills can only be viewed on the web version of the Client Portal. They cannot be viewed on the mobile app. In this case, I would recommend asking your client to log into the Client Portal through a browser on their desktop. Once logged in, they can navigate to Billing & Payments > Insurance Reimbursement statements to view their superbill.
    For more information, feel free to reference Navigating the dashboard from our Help Center.

    If the client has confirmed that they are logged into the web version of the Client Portal but are still unable to access their superbills, I recommend the following troubleshooting steps:

    • In most cases, if the client hasn't cleared their browser cache in a while, it can cause different connective or display issues. A lot of times, clearing their browser cache will solve these problems. To do this, they can follow the steps in our guide on Clearing your browser cache.
    • If they're still having issues after clearing their cache, the browser version their using could instead be impacting their experience. SimplePractice will not operate successfully if it's used on an outdated browser version. They can follow the steps we've outlined for Updating your browser to the latest version.
    • To make sure that they're using a supported device and browser, they can review The minimum requirements for successfully using SimplePractice.

    If further investigation is needed, please reply to this email with the secure URL located at the top of your browser when viewing the client’s Overview page, as shown below:
    To learn more about the secure client URL and for instructions on how to provide this to us, please see: Sharing a secure URL with your help request.
    As always, please let me know if you have any other questions.

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