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E-prescribing coming to Simple Practice?



  • Ellen Hilsinger

    I have the same question.  I have to change electronic prescribing programs by the end of 2023, and it would be helpful to know whether Simple Practice might add eprescribing before then.  

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  • Negin Hajizadeh

    I too have the same question!


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  • Anne Lockman M.D.

    Agreed, this is a much-needed feature. I don't feel fully comfortable recommending Simple Practice to my MD colleagues without it. Please send us an update as soon as possible. Thank you!

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  • Nick Jones

    We are actively looking at switching EHRs due to this issue. We need E-Prescribing as soon as we can get it. 

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  • Farnaz Hooshmand

    I totally agree. I am new using Simple practice. The e prescription is a huge miss. We do need that to better serve our patients. I am using another EMR for that sole purpose which is super frustrating. I hope this feature would be added on very soon.

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  • Karen Hall, LCSW, PA

    As we continue to grow with more prescribing physicians, this is something we have been needing.  It would be great to have an update on when this may occur.

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  • Sandra Davis

    I would like to know as well.  I have just joined a group of counselors using Simple Practice and would love to be able to e-prescribe.   Need ASAP! 

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  • Kristen Chuba

    Please update us, if E-prescribing will be available within the next year/end of 2024?

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  • Life Psychiatry

    With the purchase of Luminello, will e-prescribe be offered in SimplePractice soon? What is the ETA if so? 

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  • Jessie Huebner

    I am looking to have a med managment staff join my team and need e-prescribe abilities ... are there plans to add this with Simple Practice and if so when?

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  • Paola Ayora

    When can we use e-prescribe in SimplePractice? Can we have the ETA? Thanks!

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