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Practicing across state lines



  • Kathleen Burke

    Hello. We did significant research on this once telehealth started to be approved by insurance companies. Can we provider therapy to people in neighboring states? If a client goes to college out-of-state, can we see them via telehealth? What if a client is on vacation out of state and wants to have a session?

    We found out that, while each state has their own regulations, they generally all require that the therapist be fully licensed in the state in which the client is physically located. If a person who lives in OH travels into PA for a session with a therapist who is licensed in PA, that is okay because the person is being seen in PA. It's just like any other health provider license. Imagine if an OH resident went to the emergency room in PA and a doctor said, "I can't treat you because I'm not licensed in OH." Wouldn't happen.

    Be aware that you could not legally see the person via telehealth if the person is sitting in OH and you are not licensed in OH. Once you are approved for Psypact, you are okay. 

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  • Melissa Johnson

    Hello,  This is very helpful!   Since I posted this I got in touch with the PA and OH boards.  PA said it was up to OH.  OH said exactly what you said.  Ohio also said that once I have relationship established with the patient I can apply for a temporary liscene in OH to see the person by telehealth.  Hopefully I will have PsyPact by then so it will be irrelevant.  Thank you again!


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