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Mental Status Note in Assessments verses Mental Status Exam under "new" on client page


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  • Tammy Cover

    I can't find the MSE to copy it but you can open it in one window and create your own assessment or progress note in another window. It's not hard to create assessments or notes in SP. I wish there was an easy way for us to share them.

    Open the MSE in one window, then open another SP window. Go to "Settings", then under "Documents & Files" click "Notes & Forms"
    Click "Create a New Template"
    Name the template "Mental Status Exam" for instance. Then to the right of that is a dropdown menu. Choose where you want this to go progress notes, assessments, etc.
    Click "Add New" to add the first question. If you want it to be just like the one in "New" on the client page then click the drop down menu where it says "Long Answer (multi-line text)" choose "drop down". In the question box type the first item on the MSE "Insight". Under the question box is a little blue link that says "answer" click it three times. Three boxes will show up. Type "good" "fair" and "poor" in those boxes. If you want the question to be answered every time click the "require answer" box. Then click "save" and click "Add New" again to add the second question. Some questions will require more answers. you can add as many answers as you need by clicking the answer link. Once you finish be sure to click "save" at the top right of the form to save the whole thing. Alternately if you find that you want to choose more than one option for a question (such as a client's mood is depressed for part of the session and anxious for part) then use "multiple choice (checkboxes)" rather than "dropdown".

    If you want your MSE and progress note to be combined for a first session with a new client you can duplicate your existing progress note and add the MSE question to it. Name it "First session progress and MSE" for example. 

    Just an additional note. If you want any assessment in multiple places (like you share it with the client for them to fill out independently) you can duplicate the assessment, then edit the duplicate. Change the location of the duplicate to "intake forms". Of course this should only be done with assessments that are designed for clients to self answer. It wouldn't be appropriate for the MSE.

    I hope this helps.

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