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Need help with the rejection issue that cannot seem to be resolved...



  • Shobha Nandivada

    I have similar situation. The rejection is coming from their warehouse processes. Some of the codes we use are not found here .I know my code is correct and my diagnosis code is correct but still I get rejected. I feel they don’t have all cides we use and this is very bothering for me. I feel some times to check another vendor who is more Help for us. I understand your frustration. I check
    My codes from BCB

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  • Jolene Feeney

    Thanks Shobha, it is frustrating--I will see what other avenues I can check out. So have you been able to get a resolution to this rejection issue? I am just using an anxiety disorder code and an alcohol use disorder code (nothing too complex), and not having any other issues with other clients (at this time...).

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  • Cheryl Perry

    You are using ICD-10 diagnosis codes and they are being rejected? I wish I could see the claim itself to get a better understanding. Can you post in the FB group without client information? I would love to try and help.

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  • Kathleen Burke

    Not all ICD-10 codes are billable. For example, if you bill with a diagnosis of "F10.28, Alcohol dependence with other alcohol-induced disorders," the claim will be rejected because the diagnosis is not specific enough. You would have to use a sub-diagnosis such as "F10.280, Alcohol dependence with alcohol-induced anxiety disorders."

    You can use the following website to look up billable and non-billable ICD-10 codes. Those in green are billable, those in red are not. 

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