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SP Telehealth System - Did the Client and/or the Therapist actually attempt connection? How do we know?



  • Amanda Adams

    We have had the same issues at our practice.  It doesn't happen often, thankfully!  I would LOVE a way to know what's actually happening.

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  • Patrick Shine

    This is very important, We need a way to verify sessions happened in general. i would hate to bill for a session that never happened just because a therapist didnt change a session to cancel or no show. It makes us look bad and opens us up to liability.

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  • Lauren Stegall

    We have had this issue as well. Not too often but often enough that we wish we had access to a connection log. I too trust my clinician and it would be great to have the specific information in order to show to the client and/or clinician so that the no show fee is justified. It happens rarely but it does put us in a bad place if it is an error in the system and we charge a client or if someone is just not showing up.

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