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Scored Measurements



  • Vaughn O'Neal

    Please add more options for when to auto-send measures, like monthly, every certain number of weeks, rather than just based on appointments.

    Also, I recognize this is a new tool so we can't have it all, but it would be nice to be able to manually enter previous scores so they can be included in the progression graph.

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  • Malton R. Cook

    Would these scored measures scores be able to be imported into our weekly notes templates?

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  • Jessica Lowrance

    I would also like the DES-II, the Spann-Fischer Codependency Scale, and the Trauma Recovery Scale to be added as well!

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  • Samantha Yerks

    I can’t find the vote button right now! But I want ALL of Anita’s suggestions:)

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  • Dr Brian L. Johnson

    Is there a way you can add the Asam and Locus Measuring Scores to documents and forms 

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  • Rebekah Jensen

    Yes, thank you for this new measure feature! It's helped to streamline an activity I was doing manually.

    I would support adding the following to automatable scored measures:

    • PCL-5
    • EPDS - This is more precise for the perinatal population, my specialty! 
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  • Karen Knapp

    Would you be able to partner with another platform for Measurement-Based Care (Greenspace or something similar)?

    I would like to have access to additional assessments such as OCI-R, PIOS, etc

    What is the vision and time plan for additional assessments?


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  • Krysti Vo

    These are all great suggestions! I would love to see CDRISC as well. I currently use Orchid for assessments that are not available on here.

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  • Steve B. Thompson, M.Ed., LMHC, MHP

    Child and Adolescent Trauma Screen for ages 7-17 (CATS) - self report version

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  • Sarah Hoffman

    Thank you for adding this feature. It'd be great to have the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS) added as scored measurement options. Thanks!

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  • Kimberly Kamper DeMarco

    I would love to see the Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale (DERS) added as well. 

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  • Frank Grazioli

    The addition of *scheduled* scored measures is great and clients have commented positively about the feature. Can you enable the ability for each party of a couple to respond to such measures? Currently I am hearing that only the *primary* therapy client is receiving these, and I wonder if that is because the secondary partner does not have the requisite *session* assignment (so they are not part of any "schedule"). 

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  • Phillipa Jagla

    I echo all of the above. Please include as many measures as possible

    or make it possible for a clinician to create a measure template that will actually be measured in simple practice


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  • Tracey Ward

    Please make it possible for clinicians to create scored measures.

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  • Karmon Sears

    I would also like:

    The ability to schedule the measurements monthly or every three months

    To have you add the MDQ to the scored measures

    To be able to do the measures in session as some patients still have great dificulty accessing the client portal

    Make it easier for the patients to access the client portal and by extension complete measures, upload insurance/drivers licenses/and other documents


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  • Amanda Antenucci

    It would be extremely helpful to have the ORS/SRS available as scored measures. Some of my insurance contracts require this measure to be tracked each session. 

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  • Tina Scott

    I agree with Karmon Sears on the ability to schedule the measurements every three months. 

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  • Grace Smith

    Please can you add the AIMS and BARNES scales for prescribers that write atypical AP medications. Also, the MADRS scale for screening depression and the BURNS for anxiety? Thank you. 

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  • Dr. Chandler McLemore

    AGREED! Please add more assessments. This is a great feature, but it would be phenominal to have more options than just the 3 provided. I would love to be able to add the Vanderbilt, SCARED, Preschool Anxiety Scale, even measures on safety and risk. There are so many free assessments, please add.

    I also think it would REALLY set you above the rest if you were able to parter with some of these paid assessment places and integrate into your software. Like Pearson, for example. Obviously, that would be an add-on for the consumer but having the option would really be fantastic, I think. 

    It would automate and cut back on so much administrative overhead (time) for clinicians.

    Thanks so much! 

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  • Katie Wendell

    Please add a feature to allow clinicians to create a "scored measure", as well as add a frequency of quarterly (every 3 months). This would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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  • Stephanie A. Cook

    For all of us couples therapists, please add the 1) Relationship Assessment Scale (RAS) and 2) The Locke Wallace Marital Adjustment Test for ongoing measurement and scoring. Thank you!

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  • Nora Lemieux

    I agree these additions would be great

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  • Tammy Alberico

    Please add the MDQ  and Vanderbilt teacher and parent forms for adhd


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  • Forrest Seymour

    I want to add my voice to the requests to add SRS & ORS tools to Simple Practice.

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  • Amanda Antenucci

    I also would like to request some form of outcomes based care (ORS/SRS, or ACORN) as some insurance companies are requiring that we engage in Feedback Informed Treatment. I am having to purchase an additional outside platform to administer these and would love to have it integrated in my clients' EHR. 

    Thank you! 

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  • Lisa Frazier

    Hello. Could you please turn the MDQ into a scored measure? it is currently available as a regular measure, but it would be helpful for tracking mood disorder symptoms/criteria. thanks!

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