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Refund credit card payment by client



  • Kathleen Burke

    If you refund the charge, it is returned to the credit card account you charged it to. There is no additional fee for credit card refunds.

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  • Kathryn O'Brien

    Kathleen, if I refund money to a client where does that money come from - is it withdrawn from my bank, or withheld from my income? How can I see the transaction in Simple Practice?


    Kate O'Brien

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  • Kathleen Burke

    Stripe is a third-party credit card processing company, so their transactions with your bank account are separate from any Simple Practice transactions. Income and refunds are combined in Stripe transactions.

    If you click on Billing on the left-hand side (below clients), and then click Card Transactions at the top, you can see your credit card transactions and sort them by date and type if you are looking for refunds.

    If you click on Analytics -> Reports on the left-hand side, and then click Payouts under the Income section, you will see when Stripe transferred money to your account.

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