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Collection Letters/template



  • Ashley Barksdale

    I send the invoice via email once per week, then I will reach out to them by phone (text usually) to remind them that they have an open invoice. After 2 unpaid invoices, they are required to pay upfront for additional services. So far, I have only had to text. Also, my practice policies discuss past-due accounts.

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  • Celia Gardner

    Fortunately, I don't have this problem often, but there was one occasion in which I sent invoices, called, emailed and the client was MIA.  They hadn't returned to care, so I couldn't require payment up front.  I finally created a tactful, direct letter using ChatGPT.  Not sure which tactic finally worked, but they ended up taking care of their balance.  

    I think addressing it in your practice policies is a great idea!! 

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