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Inactive Providers



  • Amanda Adams

    This makes perfect sense!

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  • Tracy Hill

    I'm not sure more of us aren't requesting this?!

    It's been an ongoing issue for a very long time, yet rarely do providers seem bothered by it?

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  • Rachel Waggoner, NCC, LPCC-S

    I agree it would be very helpful to mark a clinician that is on medical or maternity leave but that plans to come back as "inactive" and then when they come back to mark them as active. Then have 2 categories when running payroll "active" vs. "inactive". I have 2 profiles for 4 of my clinicians because of this issue and it causes such a headache and so much more work. 

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  • Sharon Prager

    Also- please remove the deleted clinicians as well. I would like to be able to filter between all of these things- current, inactive and "on Leave" clinicians so that we do not need to sort through endless nonsense. 


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