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Stripe refund



  • Kathleen Burke

    If you are talking about the fees you paid for making the charges, no, you will not get them back. Stripe provided a service for you, and it is not their fault that you didn't need to make those charges.


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  • Benita Hutchinson


    I understand what you are saying.  However, I had no idea that the client's insurance changed at the beginning of the year and BCN Advantage didn't pay until the client called to complain.  Therefore, I was charging her copay accordingly as Availity identified when I checked her new policy at the beginning of the year.  It said she had a $25 copay.  I did not know she no longer had a copay until the first claim was paid by BCN Advantage.  Her claims were under medical review so I guess with their new policy in agreement with Medicare they no longer are charging a copay.
    This was out of my control.  I am sure we will see many things like this happen, especially with security breaches.  The claims with BCN Advantage are more than a month out.
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  • Kathleen Burke

    I have found that, unfortunately, it is not unusual that the the member responsibility given by provider websites does not match what appears on the EOB. We have a practice with twelve clinicians, and we are in-network with a dozen insurances, and it happens all the time. I think the only way you can avoid what you've experienced is hold off on making credit card charges until you get the EOB. 

    The same type of thing also happens when clients reach their out-of-pocket maximum. You charge the usual copay amount, and suddenly you get the EOB back saying the customer owes $0 and you have to refund the money. Should Stripe refund the service fees in that case as well?

    You keep saying that the situation was out of your control, but it was not in Stripe's control either. Your issue is clearly with the insurance company.

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