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Claim Rejection



  • Colleen Passetto, LICSW

    I am having same issue now with MBHP. I verified in our Medicaid system and the MBHP portal and it keeps coming back with same issue and we have not changed anything on this clients file or claims prior to it rejecting ones this week.



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  • Rick Skidmore

    I am having this same issue as well - all medicaid claims are getting rejected. I have yet to hear back from Simple Practice on this issue.

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  • Julia Cuellar-Martin

    Same issue. I called MBHP and they stated the "43307" payer ID is no longer valid and we should be using BHOMA (Behavioral Health of Massachusetts). I didn't see that in the list but I did see "Massachusetts Behavioral Health (BHO)"....except it still has the payer ID# of 43307. I just put in a ticket for them to check with Eligible on the correct payer ID and resubmitted a test claim with that ID to see if it goes through.


    Disclosure: I'm a biller working out of MA and these rejections have been coming back for all my clients with MBHP patients.

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  • Jessica Baraby


    I am having the same issue.  I am new to MBHP, . would someone be willing to help me with the correct payer ID thank you. 

    Jessica Baraby, LICSW 

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  • Brianna Pelletier

    BHOMA has worked for is only an issue with MBHP clients who have Steward Health Choice as the MCO. I'm guessing it has something to do with Steward's recent bankruptcy filing, though I don't know that for sure. 

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