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BCBS ERAs received overnight


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  • Kara Gasperone

    BCBS and SP have not been communicating with each other effectively since the healthcare breach in Feb/March. For certain clients with certain BCBS plans, I am now having to manually look up claims in the BCBS provider portal to see if they have processed/paid. Some clients/BCBS plans are processing normally with "paid" emails coming in from SP and deposits and ERAs processing normally, but not all. Frankly, trying to troubleshoot this issue with both BCBS and SP for much of March/April was so awful and difficult, I have not recently pressed for answers. I suspect they would tell me that systems are just taking time to reset and process effectively after recovering from the healthcare data breach. As I mentioned, certain BCBS plans were affected more so than others. 

    And for what it's worth, BCBS sent out correspondence that "most" claims weren't affected by the breach, but many of mine were. I feel for you, John. The frustration has been immense!

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