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Rejected Duplicate Claims, however was only submitted once



  • Kathleen Burke

    This has happened to me as well. It happens because the clearinghouse sent your claim to Aetna, but Aetna failed to acknowledge to the clearinghouse that the claim was accepted. When the clearinghouse does not receive an acknowledgement within a certain period of time, the clearinghouse resends the claim to make sure it was received. 

    Basically, the original claim was received by Aetna, but they sent no response. The second claim that was resent by the clearinghouse was also received, and this time they did send a response telling you they already got the claim.

    The claim will be processed as normal, and the payments correctly recorded in SP. When that happens, the red exclamation point on the claim will disappear.

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  • Melissa Sweders

    Thank you for that information!  I appreciate it!  I'll keep an eye on these and hope there are no issues and everything is processed timely. 

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