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  • Official comment

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Avi and I am a Product Specialist here at SimplePractice. I am from Miami and absolutely love baking (and eating) bread, playing guitar, and going to the beach.

    I am inspired by the work that you all do and I'm super excited to meet all of you. I will be helping Gillian moderate the Community Forum. Looking forward to learning how we can better assist you!

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  • Amanda Petrik-Gardner

    Hi SP Community! I am Amanda Petrik-Gardner, LCPC, in private practice in Kansas specializing in OCD/anxiety.

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  • Cheryl Hansen

    Hi SPC!  I’m Cheryl Hansen, LPC, in solo practice in a small town in central North Carolina called Hillsborough. I specialize in anxiety and mood disorders along with marriage/couples. I am a Christian and I integrate the Christian faith with secular techniques to counsel from a Christian world-view.  I’m super excited to be here!

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  • Daria Sievers

    HI, My chart notes won't open.  Normally, when I hover over the note, I have the option to edit - but not on one client. so frustrating.


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  • Demetra Caston

    Hi Yall.  I'm Demetra Caston, LPC and I have a pp and I work for a community agency.  Looking to transition soon.  I specialize in trauma, anxiety, depression and I do some couples work.  I love SP and I love the idea of being able to share ideas and network with other mh professionals.

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  • Gillian

    Hi everyone! Daria, I went ahead and created a ticket on your behalf for our support team - they'll reach out to you via email to help out.

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  • S. Abigail McCarrel

    Hello, Everyone. Abby here. I have a family therapy practice. I am always searching for ways to use Simple Practice to document family work when I define my client as the family.

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  • Judy Benvenuto

    Hi, I am Judy.  I work in Santa Ana CA.  I really enjoy using SP in my Private Practice where I enjoy working with individuals that suffer from anxiety, depression and trauma.  

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  • Jill Shook

    Hi! I'm Jill. I'm an SLP in private practice in Pittsburgh PA. I am excited to use SP and help it become the best EHR for SLPs too! 

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  • Dawn K. Nelson

    Hi, I'm Dawn Nelson, a therapist in Rockwall County (Dallas area).  I work with children and adults.

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  • Phillip Guillory

    Hey all! I'm Phil and I'm also an SLP (waving at you, Jill!), out in Albuquerque, NM. I'm just getting started in private practice and also am excited by what I've been learning from SimplePractice so far, and also am excited about working for myself. Glad SP set up this community!

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  • Cassi W. Grier

    Hi, I'm Cassi Grier and I just started using SP. I am a solo practicioner and just got away from the paper and pen, paper files etc.....I'm still learning, but I know SP is going to simplify my business and my life. I am in Spartanburg, SC and am an LPC and RPT. I work with both children and adults - specializing in depression and anxiety. I still have many questions about the use of SP however - Glad for the community!

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  • Isaac Andrew

    Hello, I'm Isaac Andrew.  I am the Practice Manager for the North Albany Wellness Center in Albany, Oregon.  My wife, Jessica Andrew, LPC, and I employee two LPC interns and a clinical psychologist and we have four licensed subletters in our building.  I'm new to the behavioral health world and look forward to learning all about SimplePractice and navigating the insurance world.

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  • Randy Porter

    Hello all, I am Randy Porter, LMFT. I work in a private practice within a church in Lubbock, Texas. I have one other practitioner who works with me.

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  • Cornealius Stamps

    Hi, Nea Stamps.  I am a LCSW-C in Maryland, working in private practice.  


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  • Tammy Van Linter LCSW

    Hello All!

    My name is Tammy Van Linter LCSW, LADC. i have a private group practice in Rocky Hill CT. Central CT Anxiety OCD Treatment specializes in the treatment of all anxiety disorders/OCD. I am ERP Certified through the IOCDF.

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  • Sandra Bravo

    Hello Colleagues!

    As a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in Austin, Texas, I just moved into my own private practice this July 2018 and am learning how to use an EHR.

    Here is my website:


    Sandra Bravo, LPC

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  • Gay A. Hunter,

    Hello everyone--My name is Gay Hunter. I'm a LPC-S in Fort Worth, TX. I just launched my private practice a week ago. I'm learning my way through Simple Practice. My specialty is trauma. I am a network provider for Cognitive Processing Therapy through Strong Star Training Initiative. 

    My website is:

    I hope to be adding counselor interns to my practice. I will be doing my counseling via telehealth. I know I like that process when I'm on the other side of the desk.

    I wish everyone lots of success. There are enough people who need help for all of us.

    Gay Hunter, LPC-S

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  • Thomas J. Lewis

    Greetings, Thomas Lewis, LMFT, LPC, dba, as The Family Ministry Counseling and Psychotherapy Services, a not for profit 501 (c)(3) joint in Phoenix, AZ.  I have a marriage and family therapy practice, and professional counseling practice.  I was pleased when AAMFT and ACA  endorsed Simple Practice  I am searching for ways to help Simple become family friendly, household and group friendly, and user friendly for the vision impaired.  I have a vision impaired practitioner as well as intern documenting  family systems and group work (defining the family as the client  as well as conducting psychotherapy groups).  We also use Employee Assistance Programs which are benefits as opposed to insurance (Simple only recognizes insurances and self Pay).  We also have issues with date that is displayed under the title "progress note: when we print progress notes.

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  • Jennifer Anderson

    Hello! I'm Jennifer Anderson, MSW, LICSW in Fargo, North Dakota and new to Simple Practice with my new Private Practice, Redeeming Grace Counseling, PLLC. I'm a bit overwhelmed with what S.P. has to offer but am excited to figure things out. My website is: 

    - Jennifer

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  • Karen Moore

    Greetings and Happy Holidays!  I'm Karen Moore, MS, LMHC, CSAYC, LCAC from Indianapolis, Indiana.  I've been with SP for a while now but just getting around to introducing myself.  The name of my practice is Elevated Minds LLC -


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  • Michele R. Hahn, JD, MFT

    Loving my role as Relationship Specialist in sunny Santa Moinica, CA working with couples under the Emotionally Focused Couples therapy model (plus a sprinkling of Imago, Gottman & school of hard knocks- 25 years married!). Thank you SP for making my practice easier and streamlined. Hoping for ability to call into customer service someday soon..fingers crossed :)  


    Michele Hahn, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 

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  • Permanently deleted user

    Hi I'm Britanie....I have some questions regarding set up for Simple Practice.

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  • Christine Curless

    Hi, I'm Christine Curless and have a solo practice in a small town, La Fontaine, Indiana. I specialize in trauma, grief and loss, anxiety and depression. I am thinking of switching my EHR to Simple Practice.


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  • Sonya Sharron name is Sonya.  I am an LPC.  We just started using Simple Practice. Is there any way to copy a client's note from one session to another to help alleviate tedious note taking  since client and I are working on the same Goal? 

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  • Gillian

    Hi Sonya, welcome! Yes there is - just click "Load Previous Note" when entering the second note to load the last note from the last session.

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  • Nicole Grant

    Hi I’m Nicole I am an LPC-S.  I am new to simple practice. I am hoping this will save me time & streamline my practice. What’s the fastest way to go from paper files to simple practice? Thanks


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  • Julie Dravis

    Hi everyone! I am Julie and am just opening my private practice after 15 years in community behavioral health. Simple Practice sure is nicer than the complex EHR I had to use before.  I'm looking for help, so I'll be browsing topics and reaching out. Currently trying to get my client portal to allow booking by clients without calling me. 

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  • Christina M. Suarez


    My name is Chris. I use Simple Practice and I used to be able to "Load a Previous Note" int he Progress Note section. Would anyone know what happened to this functionality?


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  • Gillian

    Hi Chris, you can Load a Previous Note for any Progress Note as long as there is a previous note entered for the session. Welcome!

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