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Great Way to Track Incoming Calls




  • Bob Deutsch PhD

    These posts are brilliant....just what I have been looking for. MANY thanks.

    I decided to build a Template called: "New Patient Contacts".

    I used the standard recommended approach and put together the information that I want to collect when first responding to a patient call. I initially used the Admin Note, but figured it would be nice to have an organized template that I can call upon.

    I created a new form under the Assessment Section. That way, when I want to document a call I 'hit' "Create New", go to Assessment and the new form shows up.

    I happen to use the following items. A nice option is the SP date option.

    Patient Name

    Telephone #


    Date called

    Time called

    Referral Source

    Referral Information

    Thanks again for the great idea!!

    A BIG help.



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  • Cathleen A. Rea

    that’s a great idea for a template, Bob!  I tend to just do a chart note, then come back to that note to add in/update and, eventually transfer that note to the client record when they get established.

    So glad I keep these notes...I have had people call back in a year later...and I still have that initial note!

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  • Bob Deutsch PhD

    Thanks for opening the window to this idea!  :)

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