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Easiest way to verify benefits




  • Esmeralda G. Cardenas, MA, LPC

    I will be on the lookout for this answer because this has been a headache for me as well. I think the best way is to have someone else do it, but I am not financially ready for that step. I have a form that I have seen others use to fill in the client's information and be able to call the insurance company to verify, but it takes time to do this for sure. I really am unhappy with the way insurance companies handle this.

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  • Sharon E. Prager

    I agree with you both. I like when some of the system correlate information such as showing the benefits in the billing section- but it is so hit or miss!! I would love for our SP system to be able to automatically verify insurances that we are on the panels for and receive electronic payments it would make life so much easier!

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  • Nancy Meisinger

    Always curious, but I don't think there is any easy answer. Every insurance company is so different, and that can be said about their EOB's on their websites as well. Some are unclear (UCare, Availity, etc.) and some are pretty easy to work with (Optum/UHC/UBH/Medica, Health Partners) but I always tell my clients what I see/find out with the disclaimer that "it isn't a guarantee of benefits"- like they say on the websites.

    I feel like it isn't necessarily a S.P.  issue but an Insurance Company issue as you have said in your comment Esmeralda. It doesn't seem to be handled effectively at all.


    When in doubt, I commit to the wait to talk to a human every time. 


    But, how lucky are you gals to have incredible names! I love Esmeralda & Demetra!

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  • Demetra Caston

    Thanks Nancy.

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  • Maggie

    Hi All! Nancy is completely right that since every payer is different, there isn't an easy solution for verifying coverage.  Dylan and I put together a video and blog post with some helpful tips for tacking this tedious but very important task.  The link is here.  

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  • Nancy Meisinger

    Thanks Maggie! Love your videos, they are helpful and fun!!!

    Yeah Simple Practice!!

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    I wish there was a way that you could attach the insurances that providers accept to the actual providers.So that when you create a new patient account it could alert you if you were assigning a provider to a patient with incompatible insurance. We have 10 providers in our practice and my receptionist struggles with keeping up with who takes what. It makes it hard to schedule that first appointment which is so critical for conversion and it causes problems down the line if we have to change the provider due to a mistake in knowing what the provider accepts. It would be even better if I could put in for each provider but also have a hold button for when a provider wants to cap off how many they accept from a particular plan. What do you say? You'll start on it tonight right?? lol

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  • Sadaqa Ward

    Where do I start to figure out how much the Patient has to pay me based on her insurance? How do I know how much I collect?

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  • Ruth

    Hi Sadaqa, the best way to figure this out is by calling the insurance payer's Provider Line, which is printed on the back of the client's insurance card. 

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