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Client scheduling




  • Anna G. Munro

    I generally schedule at the end of the current session if appointments aren't already set up. Only a few of my clients are currently using online scheduling though they all have access to it. Generally my clients want to know when their next appointment will be before they leave the room.

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  • Melissa D. Michel

    I either have regular clients who have same time weekly or schedule at end of session or email them options at end of my night.

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  • Demetra Caston

    Thanks for responding. Maybe once I get more time in my schedule I'll start having recurring times for clients.

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  • Anna Thomison

    I do both. I encourage clients to use the portal as it is easier than comparing schedules and trying to schedule in session. Many of my clients travel frequently for work. However, I also try to be aware if someone doesn't have an appointment scheduled and offer one before the end of session. I let my clients have full control for scheduling themselves and recommend that they schedule out a few weeks if they need a specific session time or day.

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  • Melissa N. Allen, MS, LPC, Certified EMDR Therapist

    I've been hesitant to allow clients to schedule, but I'm considering it.  I always ask at the end of the session about the next appointment.  It's great to have this option.

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  • Susanna Carlson

    I started using SP because as Anna T., my clients have an ever changing schedule. Very new here and clients signing up to use the service as we speak. With some clients I anticipate scheduling at the end of the session for next. 


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  • Bryony Crain

    I like doing the scheduling myself because I do not maintain a full caseload and often there are large gaps in my schedule. So for example, if on a Friday I have clients scheduled at 8 and 9, but nothing the rest of the day, I may choose to end my day early. If I left my schedule open for clients I would be worried that one would go on there Thursday night and put themselves down for a 1:00 appointment and then I'd be stuck at the office. This isn't as much of an issue if you have very set hours when you are always in the office.

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  • Juliet A. Schmitt

    Since I am only in my private practice one day per week at this new stage in building it, it is easy for me to offer a session time for the next week or two at the end of our session, and I find that the scheduling is more reliable when we do it that way. When I leave it up to them, I end up sometimes having to reach out to them to remind them that they have not scheduled something yet.... That said, I am not sure what the flow will be like when someday I have more PP days and may not know what my schedule looks like off the top of my head. Can't wait to find out, though!

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  • Linda E. Wolfe

    I enjoy allowing my patients to schedule however they feel comfortable. I have some requests to make an appointment with me at the end of session, while others like the online portal. I set my schedule for the times I want to work 3 weeks ahead of time so that patients can see my availability. I also like the option that patients have to contact me if they would like to make an appointment or cancel  if it's not 24 hours before. 

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  • Amy G Nash

    I like to maintain control of my schedule. In my experience, there are enough clients who will push the boundaries that establishing good boundaries has always been a best practice for me. I will work with clients to do a time that is best for them, but I do not like the concept of allowing them full control over something that directly affects my work and time.

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  • Steffanie Alexander

    I allow clients to do both (schedule online and at the end of sessions). Most of my clients have demanding and varied schedules so being able to look at the options is helpful. That being said I have created a few strategies to try to consolidate bookings (as everyone would want to come at lunchtime or after work/after school). I always block noon and 6 pm or Sat mornings. I will see clients during those times but I want to control access. In addition, I maximize back to back scheduling by blocking off 3-hour on a Tuesday or Thursday morning and then remove the blocks as the rest of my schedule books. I do wish the SP scheduling system allowed us to cap the number of appointments scheduled per week and had the option (that some systems do) of maximizing back to back appointment.

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  • Kimberly Gist Miller

    I have always encouraged my clients to use the online scheduling because it is so convenient. It reduces that horrible back that occurs with emails and phone calls.

    However, as the practice has become busier, my client's have commented that it's becoming difficult to schedule.

    So, I have been suggesting/requesting that my existing clients commit to recurring sessions and book in advance to secure their time slots.

    This has reduced the confusion and frustration that my current clients feel about having access to my calendar and It also encourages client commitment to their work in therapy. Additionally, it is helpful in maintaining the practice revenue. 



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  • Nancy Faye

    I do both.  I have 15 hours a week available for clients to schedule and many of my clients book with me as we are closing the session.  Since I already had a full load when I started using Simple Practice, it just seems easier to keep scheduling the ones that have been coming since the transition to Simple Practice.  But I have noticed that some of my clients use the online feature for canceling appointments and I think the program makes it easy to do. 

    Frequently I see more than the 15 hours a week and those I will schedule myself on the days or hours I haven't set up in my scheduling.

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  • Lena Sheffield

    I see clients from the same university so I need to be in control so there's no overlap from persons who might know each other. There are more factors involved in when I schedule a client. 


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