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Report need to pay commissions to employees




  • Official comment

    Hey there, Rebecca. 

    Thanks for reaching out today! 

    This is a great question. There are a couple ways to see payments made for each clinician in your account. My favorite way is by using the Session Billing Status in the Insights tab. What I really like about this feature is that it not only shows what has been paid, but you can filter by date, client and clinician. Here is a super helpful article that can walk you through using the Session Billing Status Report to perfection: Session Billing Status Report: Finding unpaid sessions.

    I also really enjoy using the Payments Received by Clinicians report. This is more of a brief overview, however, it can provide what needs to be paid by clinician for a specific period of time. These payments are allocated to the clinician when services are invoiced. If invoices are partially paid, that amount will display in the Total of Partial Paid Invoices.

    Here is a really helpful article that has helped many of our other Group Practice customers calculate payments for clinicians: How to calculate payroll for group practices


    Let me know if there's anything else I can help with!

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  • Gillian

    Sam, thanks for your helpful feedback. I'd recommend changing the CPT code of No Show sessions to a custom CPT code (for example, 00000) with a fee of $0 so that you can accurately track No Show sessions in the Session Billing Status report!

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  • Sarah Stukas

    The problem with Payments Received by Clinician is that it doesn't list out the sessions. This is necessary so that one could confidently say, these are the sessions you completed, this is what you're being paid for. Like a checks and balances feature.

    Also, I've never understood why the amount on Payments Received by Clinician is always different that the amount calculated under Client Balances report run with insurance that allows you to see what client and insurance have both paid within a date range. 

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  • Gillian

    Sarah, have you had a chance to look at this new Help Center article? It talks about how that report works, and why there might be differences between it and other reports.

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  • Courtney Louge

    Gillian and Rebecca,

    I understand fully your responses to both questions here.  I have seen the help article, but it doesn't answer their question (and mine).  When we run the Payment Received From Clinician report, and it reports a total amount, I want to see exactly what payments went into that total.  I know HOW it's calculated.  I would like to see the DATA from which is was calculated.  Is this possible now, or will it be in the future?

    I also used Office Ally previously, and the applied payment report was super simple and easy to create.   Currently we are having to manually enter payments received in an Excel document then check them against the Payment Received From Clinician report.  An easier/more efficient  method of checks and balances and reporting to the providers we are paying is what I'm looking for.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

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  • Gillian

    Hi Mikayla, we're currently working on adding more detail to the Payments Received by Clinicians report that shows which payments went into the total. This feature is currently in production, and you can keep an eye on our progress on our Product Roadmap here:

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