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Requesting: Intake Form, Symptom Checklist (DSM-5), and Screening & Assessments




  • Laura E. Forsyth

    Hi Elizabeth! Prior to SP, I made a lot of my forms would be happy to share any of my  stuff, but don't know if there's any way to upload a document to this forum.

    There's a recently updated release of info on the forms page of my website, along with a "consent for collateral participants in therapy", which I adapted from something public dom (probably from the APA's Insurance Trust).

    As for symptom screeners, there's lots in the public domain, created either for primary care physicians or health/mental health organizations, universities, etc.  Even simple screeners like the PHQ-9 and the CUDOS for depression, the GAD-7 for generalized anxiety and the ASRS for adult ADHD (my practice niche) are all psychometrically sound and useful, with decent sensitivity/specificity. (can you tell I was a clinical supervisor for years and years?) While I also use the BDI, BAI and other proprietary scales, like Barkley's for ADHD, the public ones are tried and true. 

    There is one intake form I made that anyone can access - it's for college students getting mental health counseling at my old student health center.   It's intended to to cover a lot of ground quickly - I borrowed, adapted and mashed together the best pieces from other people's questionnaires (all public domain).  If any of it fits for your purposes, feel free to adapt it!  



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  • Elizabeth Hocker


    Thank you for providing feedback! I really love learning from experienced peers. Between being raised by an educator and having a natural desire to discover, I find myself searching out mentors to learn and collaborate often.  

    Anything you'd like to share would be more than appreciated! You can feel free to email me at

    By the way, I loved your site! I was clean, concise, easy to navigate, and spoke to your ideal client.





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  • Megan Clifford

    Hey Laura-

    I looked on your site to try to get your college student intake form but the link didn't connect. Would you be able to share that with me? I primarily work with emerging adults.


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  • Laura E. Forsyth

    Sure - here's a different link (my google drive) to a Word version of the college form. I wish we could create formatted forms in SP - those long lists of items (scroll, scroll, scroll) drive me batty.


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