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Beck Depression, Beck Anxiety and Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Screens




  • Gillian

    Jen, I'd recommend creating these as Note Templates using our Note and Form Template Builder! We have a great class on using this feature at You could definitely create the same template as a Note Template for you to fill out, and as an Intake Form template for the client to fill out through the Client Portal. 

    Welcome to SimplePractice! 

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  • Camille Scent

    I think the Form idea is the way to go, but not as a note that you'd fill out since this is something you want the client to self-administer. I created something similar as an assessment tool, so I only send it out as part of my initial intake packet. If you want to be able to re-use the form as an on-going form of assessment, every time the client completed the form, you'd need to copy/paste their responses into a note in their file. (Because every time you send the form, you'll need to delete the responses previously sent.) I think the only way to copy/paste form responses is to use the print function for the form and then copy/paste from that screen.

    Hope that helps (a bit)! 

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  • Annabelle Coote

    I have done these as forms.  Doing them as notes isn't great because then that would be your only note for a client session AND you wouldn't be able to access them for reference from the shared items in the client file.


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  • Debbie Warman

    Just a comment that the BDI-II and the BAI are copywrited forms so they should not be added into the notes and forms area. They need to be purchased. 

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