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Submit Claim Filing Enrollment for Payer ID




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    Hey Dayse, 


    I can understand wanting to get the correct information submitted in your enrollment- you need to get paid! If you are submitting this enrollment under your group practice and you are credentialed with Medicare under your group NPI, then you should use your Type 2 NPI to complete your enrollment, as well as your group PTAN and tax ID number. 


    Something else you can do to ensure your insurance billing is set up to perfection is to double-check the following settings in your SimplePractice account: 

    • Go to My Account > Settings > Basic Info > Clinical Info > enter your personal NPI there (every clinician in your account will need to do this as long as they're registered under your group).

    • Go to My Account > Settings > Billing and Services > enter your Organization NPI here. Also, make sure you enter the Group's EIN number in the SSN/Tax ID section.

    • Go to My Account > Settings > Billing > Insurance > select Organization and make sure your group's billing address has been entered correctly. 

    Once you've made/double-checked those numbers in the system, you can create claims and your group's information should be auto-populating in box 25 and 33 of the claim form. 


    Let me know if you have any additional questions!

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  • Dayse Koski

    Melinda, sorry about the delayed response. I just saw that you had responded. I am new to the forum and still playing around with it. Thank you for your response. It was very detailed and gave me the information I was precisely looking for.


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