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Scheduling a Group




  • Official comment

    Hi Nicole! In order to schedule these groups, you will want to add each client individually. This is important, because even if you're doing a group, each client needs to sign their own Informed Consent and Practice Policies to protect your practice. Additionally, if the clients want to submit superbills to their insurance payers for reimbursement, or if you want to create claims for your clients, you'll need to have an individual profile for them. 

    The best way to schedule a group is to schedule multiple side-by-side appointments with individual clients. 

    Let me know if you have any additional questions about this, or anything else SimplePractice! I'm here to help. 

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  • Lindsay P. Heier

    I need to know how to allow clients to book for a workshop online using my simple practice system.  Workshops are very common for counselors to put on, what is a simple solution?

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  • Lindsay P. Heier

    I need to know how to allow clients to book for a workshop online using my simple practice system???????Please answer my question?

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  • Gillian

    Hi Lindsay, I'd be happy to help. Currently, multiple clients cannot book a single slot through SimplePractice's online booking - this is intentional, and meant to keep clients from double-booking you. 

    The best way to schedule a group is to schedule multiple side-by-side appointments with individual clients. Let me know if that helps.  

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  • Debora Wallace-Wood


    How do I a schedule for a group on the calendar?  I tried to schedule them all for the same time for a group and someone got another client's reminder for the group.

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  • Ruth

    Hi Debora, please note that the workflow Gillian suggested was from 2 years ago. Since then, we've made some changes to the platform. Namely, we've made each Telehealth link unique to the appointment created. If you created multiple co-occurring Telehealth appointments, then it's likely that your clients received links to join different sessions. At this time, you can schedule a Telehealth appointment with a Couple Client Profile, but we're still working on an official way to accommodate groups of 3+ participants. Here's a helpful guide from our Help Center that walks through how to use Telehealth by SimplePractice to hold multi-client sessions (up to 2 clients):

    For now, if you need to hold a Telehealth session with more than two clients, we recommend this alternative workflow: 

    • Create a new client in the system. Name the client something that will help you identify which particular group this is, such as “Group X” (the “X” can be an identifying word). We do not recommend identifying this group using a single person’s PHI.

    • Create a Telehealth appointment with “Group X” selected as the client.

    • Share the unique link from this group Telehealth appointment to each client in the group manually.

    • Explain to the clients in the group that they must be careful not to share the link with others.

      • If you also see a member of the group individually as a client, be sure to explain to that client that they’ll need to use the link attached to their individual appointments for their one-on-one sessions.

    • For every future appointment you have with this particular group, you’ll have to manually share the unique link to each individual before the appointment.

    • You’ll need to repeat these steps each time you create a new group.

    Please also note that SimplePractice does not officially endorse this alternative workflow, and our team is unable to help troubleshoot issues for any group Telehealth appointments at this time. Additionally, we assume no liability or responsibility for managing these group links should you choose to create them.

    While I don’t yet have an ETA for you on when we’ll be releasing official support for group Telehealth appointments, we are actively working on it and we know it’s important. We’ll definitely keep you and the rest of our SimplePractice community updated on the status of this new feature as we continue to make progress.

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  • Angelique Lawrence

    what about supporting groups NON-telehealth appointments?

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  • Jessica Moody

    I've searched through the questions section and still can only find the updated "work-around" for groups - updated as of 2 years ago - and only for telehealth appointments.  I cannot find any information regarding how to set up a group/workshop in-person.  This is something most practices do at least occasionally, and seems to be an important component to cover.  Has this been addressed yet?

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  • Matthew Shima

    Group functionality for sessions, workshops and supervision - both in person and Telehealth is a must have feature. 

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  • Celia H. McKechnie

    I agree with the comments above.  Not having a convenient way to schedule multiple clients to a single group/workshop appointment is a major drawback of SP programming.  It seems it would be a simple coding change for in-person appointments.  Please take this into consideration.  2 years is too long to wait for such a simple thing that many other EMR programs already provide.

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  • Leah Barreca

    It's time to request this service is added! Just like we did for the telehealth waiting room. I will post here once I make a request so you can do the same!

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  • Candice Holloway

    I agree with what everyone here has said, especially since we're paying for SimplePractice and other EHRs are already doing this! Lack of group scheduling is my #1 issues with SP and the only reason I'm even considering moving to another EHR!

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  • Ashley Mitchell

    Same! I need group functionality!

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  • Britt Miller

    Going to have to go to Zoom apparently since Simple Practice has not came up with a solution.

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  • Paige Kelso-Znak

    Simple Practice - please post an update that is better than just "we're reviewing it." This is a pretty significant and obvious need for your system so I hope it is a high priority.

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  • Ashley Gallo, LCSW

    This is ridiculous Simple Practice hasn't evolved to an effective solution for group therapy sessions when customers have been asking for YEARS. Most therapists do these services and all the other EHRs have this. Not understanding why this is such an obstacle for your IT department especially considering the amount of money this platform costs for group practices with multiple clinicians. 

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