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CMS 1500 Form




  • Gillian

    Hi Kandi, as long as all of this information is entered in the right place in SimplePractice, you should be good to go! SimplePractice auto-fills claim forms for you, so you don't have to worry about putting anything in the wrong box. I'd recommend checking out our Getting Started with Insurance Billing guide here to make sure you're all set up to start billing insurance:

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  • Laura Lattig-Kerr

    Hi Gillian,

    From my understanding Kandi needs to use an EIN for some insurances and an SSN for others.  

    I do not see where both an EIN & SSN can be entered and then be selected based off of the insurance the claim is being submitted to.  IS this correct?

    Khandi, When you worked at the other agency, were claims submitted under their EIN or your SSN?  IF it was their EIN You may not be credentialed with them as an individual provider.  IF you were submitting claims while at the other agency with your SSN, then you need to contact the insurance companies and go through the process to update your service locations address and billing address and update your SSN to your new EIN.  This way you can submit all claims with your EIN and you won't have to deal with this issue.  Insurance companies are very fast at updating information if you are changing your tax id.  FYI, re-credentialing (if it is that time) has nothing to do with the information that the claims department has.  They are two different departments and must be dealt with individually (unfortunately).

    I hope this helps

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  • Sarah K. Butler

    I have a question- I also changed my EIN to my LLC. Can I still bill under the old EIN and address until each insurance company updates it in their system?

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  • Gillian

    Sarah, you should be able to continue billing under your EIN and address until it's updated in each payer's systems. If you have any "accepted" enrollments with insurance payers in SimplePractice, your updated NPI/EIN needs to be updated on the enrollment once the insurance company updates in their system as well. 

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  • Charlotte Jones, M.S. ALC

    Hello due to the pandemic of COVID-19 I am having to mail in my CMS1500 form to a certain provider because they are working from home as well.  I am wanting to know am I able to download or print a CMS 1500 form from my Simple Practice System? Please help!!!!

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