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Complexity Codes (90875)




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    Liz B.

    Hi Sara,

    I hope you've been having a fantastic week so far, I'm happy to help you with that. One of our most important jobs is making sure that you get reimbursed accurately by insurance companies, and to do that we keep an eye on what CPT codes are billable and which are not. Since that's an add-on code, we make sure to pre-link it to services insurance companies will accept.

    Recently, we learned that payers weren't supporting +90875 as a billable add-on code. Instead, they're looking for +90785. However, sometimes +90875 will sometimes appear in our system. Our team is working to remove it completely, to avoid any confusion.

    To add +90785 as a usable add-on code, what you'll have to do is go to My Account > Settings > Billing and Services > Services, and click Add New Service. In the Service field, search for +90785:

    Select that service, add your details, and click Save. Then, you'll be able to use this service as an add-on code.

    For more information on add-on codes, check out this guide: Using add-on codes.

    Please feel free to reach out to me if you need anything else!

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  • Sara A. Van Tongeren

    Thank you Liz! This is so very helpful!

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