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What kinds of reports do you build outside of SimplePractice for your practice?



  • Katrina Crader MD

    I built a report that shows me the location of my clients on Google Maps.  Helps me with marketing, and deciding where to build my next practice location. 

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  • Dawn K. Nelson

    Referral tracking, but I'd love it if you would add this to Simple Practice.

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  • Yorick Wijting, PT, DPT

    How can I export the core data to generate custom reports? For instance, I want to run regular reports on 1) total billed and paid per CPT code; 2) number of referrals per referring physician; 3) total number of sessions per ICD-10 code; etc. How can I get the data to create these kinds of reports? I don't see any prebuilt report where these data points (e.g., referring physician, CPT code, etc.) are exported as discreet fields.

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