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Switching solo to group




  • Official comment

    Hi there, Garrett. 

    Congratulations on your growing practice! You can easily add an additional team member by going to My AccountSettings > Team Members > +Add Team Member. SimplePractice charges only $29 per additional clinician added to your account. 

    You can share clients with specific clinicians by going to your client's info page and "grant access" to the clinician(s) you would like:

    Please remember to Save! 

    To read more about adding a team member to your account, I'll include some super quick reads below:
     How do I add a Team Member to my account?
    Team members: clinician access levels

    I also understand that you will probably be changing your billing and insurance settings, so I'll give you a link to our Help Center article so you can set up your billing to perfection: How to switch from a solo practice to group practice for insurance billing?

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  • Lindsey Krueger

    How do we switch from a group to a solo and not lose all of our client information and forms?

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  • Ruth

    Hi Lindsey, go to Settings > Team Members, click on each of the additional clinicians names and delete them from your account. When you delete a clinician, you'll be prompted to reassign the Primary Clinician to another clinician in your account. If you don't reassign the clients to another clinician in your account, then they'll automatically be reassigned to the Account Owner. No client data will be lost when you delete a clinician! 

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