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Switching solo to group



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    Hi there, Garrett. 

    Congratulations on your growing practice! You can easily add an additional team member by going to My AccountSettings > Team Members > +Add Team Member. SimplePractice charges only $29 per additional clinician added to your account. 

    You can share clients with specific clinicians by going to your client's info page and "grant access" to the clinician(s) you would like:

    Please remember to Save! 

    To read more about adding a team member to your account, I'll include some super quick reads below:
     How do I add a Team Member to my account?
    Team members: clinician access levels

    I also understand that you will probably be changing your billing and insurance settings, so I'll give you a link to our Help Center article so you can set up your billing to perfection: How to switch from a solo practice to group practice for insurance billing?

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