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Entity code: What does this mean?




  • Official comment

    Hi Mayrena, 

    I hope you're having a great Monday! I took a look at your BCBS claims and it looks like they were all accepted. The status itself is the most important thing. Any other message that was sent, such as "This code requires the use of an entity code (20)" is an extra message that is included but it doesn't mean much until the payer processes the claim. 

    So, if your claims are in the Accepted status and have that message, you can ignore them until the payer processes the claims. If they reject your claims, then we can take a look. If they pay for them, then you can ignore it. In general, the claims will be processed with no issues. 

    Let me know if you have any trouble. 


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  • Thomas Fronczak

    I got the same msg. Thanks for the response. That helps.

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  • Mary-Ellen Wildman

    My claims are not in the accepted status. They were unable to submit them due to missing entity code, and this claim is rejected.  I have previously submitted claims on these clients. I don’t know why it is all of a sudden saying this. I reached out to Simple Practice via email, still no word.


    Mary-Ellen W

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  • Susan Miller

    I am having  the same issue as Mary-Ellen and am waiting for a reply to know how to proceed.  I have submitted 5 claims on this client which have been paid.  I also sent an email to SP but have not heard back. 


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  • Mary-Ellen Wildman

    I found the answer thanks to Dustin: go to accounts, then settings, then billing and services, then insurance and UNCHECK the box next to "SERVICE FACILITY LOCATION INCLUDE ON CLAIM FORM"
    Simple practice really should send out to everyone to do this. If it stays checked, BCBS won't get claims submitted.

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  • Rachel Distler

    I got this: Acknowledgement/Returned as unprocessable claim-The claim/encounter has been rejected and has not been entered into the adjudication system. (A3) Entity's primary identifier. Note: This code requires the use of an Entity Code. (755)

    This was a claim sent to BCBS-MA; I have been sending claims to this payer for this client for nearly a year without any trouble. I have never received this message before.  At first I thought it was because SP defaulted the location of the service to 02-telehealth (though the session was in the calendar with location "11-office") and so i fixed that and resubmitted.  It was returned again.  It is being returned by SP/the clearing house, not the insurer - I can tell this because it is getting returned less than 30 minutes after I submit it so it clearly hasn't had time to go through to be processed by the payer.  

    I have unchecked the box as recommended by Mary-Ellen, but I don't understand why it wasn't a problem for a solid year and all of the sudden it is a problem.  I am sending this to SP as a help request as well because I can see that SP reps have stopped paying attention to this question and aren't answering us. 

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  • Susan Miller

    Thanks- it is the same story for me so I’ll hope to see a reply from SP soon!

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  • Jannie Robinson

    Good Morning,

    I have claims that are in the "accepted" phase for up to 29 days.  Can you tell me if there is something that I need to do to ensure that these claims are being processed timely?

    Thank you,


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  • Gillian

    Hi Jannie, I'd be happy to help. Claims will stay in the Accepted state until SimplePractice receives an electronic Payment Report to update the claims status, or until you manually add an insurance payment. You can enroll in Payment Reports under My Account > Settings > Insurance - Payment Reports automatically record the payment from the insurance payer and allocate the payment to claimed sessions. You can also manually add payments from insurance payers using the paper EOB you received from the payer under Billing > Insurance > Add Payment. 

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  • Susan Starkie

    Glad to find this answer!

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  • Bree Wells

    I have several that are all with the same insurance company. How long do I wait for the claim to be paid before I need to attend to this message?

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  • Jessica Strauss

    So these responses are somewhat helpful, but I have received the "Needs Entity Code (20)" in 2 instances with UHC where the claims have been DENIED (not rejected not accepted statuses). Any help with this? What does UHC want me to provide in edited claim? And why now when previous claims have been paid and were generated in exactly the same manner by SP?


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