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  • Official comment

    Hi Katrina,

    In the future, we're planning to offer "group" secure messaging. This would give you the ability to send a secure message to your whole team. (And have separate conversations with different groups of team members.)

    If this would solve an internal communication challenge you have in your practice, I'd love to hear from other community members about whether or not this would be valuable for the way they run their practice. 

    Let me know if I'm understanding your suggestion correctly and we'll update the title to your post so that more community members can vote and comment on this idea.   

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  • Gillian

    Great idea, Katrina! The SimplePractice team uses Slack for team communication as well. One thing to keep in mind is that Slack is not HIPAA compliant, so be mindful of sharing PHI in Slack. We recommend using Secure Messaging in SimplePractice to communicate about PHI with your team!

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  • Katrina Crader MD


    The best thing about Slack is the concept of channels. I love being able to ask questions or post ideas about a particular subject, and anyone can respond. If you could do that, it would be a great feature.

    At the moment, we have channels for billing, collections, software, front office, providers, general stuff, random stuff, marketing, etc.

    I hope this answers your question.


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  • Fletcher

    That's a great way to use Slack in your practice. I'd love to learn more if you have a moment for a few questions:

    1) How do you manage discussions involving PHI? Do you have a shorthand for client names? Do you share SimplePractice links there? etc...

    2) How many team members do you have in your practice that participate in these channels? 

    3) What's the largest number of members in a single channel?

    4) Which one has the most conversation? And which channel do you think has the most value for accomplishing day-to-day tasks?

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  • Katrina Crader MD

    We use the Front Office and Billing channel the most. Front office work is complicated and they use the wrong CPT codes all the time. Billing is always complicated. We tend to discuss PHI in private channels and we refer to people as “Katrina C” or something similar.  We have 10 people in the company and they all participate in all the channels. We try to maintain an egalitarian structure in the office. 

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  • Elizabeth Schaefer

    We also use Slack to communicate in our office. I do most of the billing & I have students who work at our front desk, so it's mostly used for general questions back and forth, especially if I'm out of the office for the day. The front desk uses Slack to let providers know if clients have arrived. We don't use Slack for PHI. That's where we strictly use Simple Practice secure messaging. 

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  • Katrina Crader MD

    Slack is HIPAA compliant.  You can use it for PHI:




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  • Lawrence Shweky

    I'm just getting my team up and running on SP and was surprised to learn that there is no group messaging feature.  For a group practice, this is not an essential feature.  These posts were two years ago.  What is the timeline for getting group messaging set up in SP?   The last thing I want to do is set up yet another system to communicate with my team about clients.  This should all be done in SP.  

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  • Ruth

    Hi Lawrence, although this is a feature we've contemplated building out for a long time, it's not currently being worked on. I'd encourage you to vote and comment on this feature request, in our Ideas and Suggestions Board, so our team can reconsider adding it to our Product Roadmap: . We appreciate your feedback! 

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