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Change label "Service" to "CPT Code" on superbill




  • Gillian

    Hi Lina! Can you share which insurance payer this is, so I can look into it? It may be a good idea to manually edit the Superbill by downloading it and editing it in a PDF editor in order to satisfy the requirements of this particular payer.


    May I also suggest that you connect your client with Better? Better is an app that clients can use to file superbills. All they need to do is take a photo of their insurance card, then take a photo of their SimplePractice superbill, and Better takes care of submitting the reimbursement request for the client. Better takes 10% of the reimbursement as their fee. That might be an option for clients who are having trouble submitting Superbills to insurance payers and don't want to deal with the back-and-forth.

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  • Lina Hannigan

    Hi Gillian,

    It is Oxford Health Plans with United Healthcare. Thanks for looking into it. While editing the superbill pdf would be fine on a one-time basis, it is quite a hassle to do every month for every client who has this insurance. If SP can change the label to "CPT Code", it would be much easier and potentially avoid other problems with other insurers.

    Thanks for considering!

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  • Josie Valderrama

    Hi I am also now just dealing with this issue with an insurance company. I will ask the client the insurance company's name. In the meantime, I exported the superbill out of PDF into Word to edit (though this meant I had to sign up with Adobe to get this feature). It would be helpful if we could have more editing functions for the superbills, statements and other receipts. Thank you!


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  • Nate Ford

    I need to say that I appreciate the helpful Community on this one. I am growing in my practice to the point that I do not have as much time to do small administrative things that help lives go smooth - so I have been staying late at work to do them. 

    My clients are receiving invoices that say merely “Professional Services” for the work. There is no CPT code and they are not able to be reimbursed they believe. They have not told me that they tried it yet; they just asked for me to modify the Invoice. 

    I second the motion to modify invoices; or at least have CPT codes that are there present when the client is signing up for the session present all the way through their treatment to billing paperwork. 

    Thank you very much for reading and reviewing my request. 

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  • Gillian

    Hi Nate, to change your invoices so that they contain the appointment name and description, visit My Account > Settings > Billing and Services and adjust your setting here: 

    That being said, Superbills have more information on them that will make it easier for clients to get reimbursed (i.e. diagnosis code). We recommend giving clients Superbills instead of Invoices so that they are likelier to get reimbursed by insurance. 

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