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How do I get the client address to show up on invoice?




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    Hey there, Sig. 

    I'd be happy to help out here. If the client's address was added after those invoices and statements were created, then it won't appear. Double-check that the client's address is in their Client Info tab, and make sure you click Save to confirm any changes. 

    You may need to delete and recreate an invoice, but that address should appear:

    Here are some quick reads on how to delete and recreate invoices: 

    Another thing I recommend is providing your clients with superbills. A superbill, also known as a Statement for Insurance Reimbursement, is a really helpful document you can provide your clients for insurance reimbursement. This document is similar to an invoice, but provides additional information like CPT codes and primary diagnosis codes which some payers may require. 

    If you're interested in creating superbills, I'll add a really helpful resource here: Creating superbills

    Try this out and let me know if you have any additional questions.


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  • Sig Taylor

    Thanks for the help Melinda.  Your info really helps.


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