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Appointment Scheduling




  • Gillian

    Hi Katie, currently, in SimplePractice, the best way to accomplish this would be to create an "Other" (non-client) event for the unconfirmed appointments. That will hold the appointment on your calendar, but the client will not receive reminders for the appointment. When the client confirms the appointment with you in session, you can then create the Client event for the confirmed appointment. Let me know if this helps with your question.

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  • Katie Freeman

    That seems like it will work for now, thanks!

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  • karen littig

    How can I schedule serveral future appointments for the same client, not at the same time every week?  And I have inadvertently deleted a client's name from my calender today even through we had a session. How can I get her name back on?  

    And what are the steps to send her a super bill?

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  • Ayelette

    Hi Karen,

    To create individual, non-recurring appointments for a client, click +Create in the blue header of your SimplePractice account > Create Appointment and enter the details as needed for each appointment. To learn more, feel free to check out this Help Center guide: Adding and managing appointments.

    If you inadvertently deleted an appointment from your Calendar, you can go ahead and re-create the appointment. There is not a way to retrieve the deleted appointment.

    To manually send a client a superbill, click the envelope icon on the top right of the superbill when viewing it. You can also set up a client to have superbills automatically generated and delivered to them monthly under Edit > Billing and Insurance.

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  • Liza Castro

    Hello, my clients are telling me that they are not able to confirm their appointments and all our appointments are unconfirmed even when we send text and email confirmations. Please help. We think it could be a glitch. One client showed me he confirms but it does not show up on simple practice client portal, calendaror client file. One client says she cannot confirm at all. Thans kindly.

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