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Report needed




  • Jennifer Blough


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  • Yolanda Winfield

    I would!!!


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  • Lynn R. Moosman

    Rob...did you ever find out how to generate the report that you described??  Im trying to do the same think and would appreciate the info..   Thanks

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  • Burke Eilers

    I need a report to gather the name, age, city they are from and race, does anyone have a suggestion.


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  • Sarah Barnes

    100% agree with Rob! That would be so helpful to have that function, especially for groups to share this info with their clinicians!

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  • Kimberly Huff-Howard

    I need this as well.  How do I get it?

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  • Charlotte Gilmore

    I need this as well

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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone, I apologize that we haven't addressed the questions on this post till now! Hopefully my suggestions help get you the information you need to account for your practices' billing. There are a couple reports that could work to collect the information requested. The first is the Appointment Status Report, you can get that by going to your Reports > Appointment Status, check the box to "Include Insurance", adjust the date range and then download the report as a CSV or Excel spreadsheet. This report has the service rendered (CPT Code), the fee, the invoiced amount, uninvoiced amount, client payments, insurance charged and payment information. If you've been using the integrated SimplePractice online payments system, you can see all the card transaction fees in Billing > Card Transactions. You can click the Details link next each transaction you want to see the last 4 digits of the credit card charged for. There's no way to include the last four digits of the credit card in the downloaded version of the Card Transactions Report. We're always working on how to improve our Reports, you can add your feedback to our Ideas and Suggestions Board, here: ! 

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    The appointment report above is excellent but just needs one additional column to be most beneficial. That would be the "date paid" info regarding insurance payments. That would help us reconcile against our stripe deposits and remittance info more completely. 

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  • Beverly Holze

    Is there a report similar to the Appointment Status report that would allow me to see future appointments? We eliminated a couple of service codes and would like to know if any clients still have these inactive codes associated with future appointments so they can be changed. 

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  • Cynthia LeBlanc

    Yes a “date paid” added to the appointment status report would be life changing!!!!

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  • Sarah Whitewater

    I am using the appointment status report however, it does not show canceled appointments listed only late canceled or no shows. is there anyway to add regular canceled appointments? 

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  • Tisha Aronsen


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  • Lara Cannon

    Has there been any progress on this?  I appreciate SP for how easy it is to use as a therapist, but it is extremely difficult to run a business without an accurate AR report. 

    It looks like this thread is several years old and I don't see any updates.  Hopefully you've added some more reporting features since the original question.  If so, please update. 

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