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  • Official comment

    The Booking Widget will allow for future, as well as, new clients to book appointments with multiple clinicians within a practice. You have the ability to use the same codes with each clinician. 

    You will first want to set up the Availability blocks for each clinician within your availability calendar. You will start by clicking the 'Availability,' button located above your calendar.

    You can then choose which clinician to set availability for using the Clinician drop-down tab. This will also be located above your calendar. 


    From there, you'll be able to set your Availability: Managing your Availability

    You can continue this step for each clinician in your practice. For each availability block you set, remember to choose the services you will offer within each block. 


    These availabilities will now show within the Booking Widget for your practice. When you have online booking availability windows set for multiple clinicians with multiple services available at different times, potential clients will need to select the clinician and then the service they want to book before they have an opportunity to select an available time.

    Each specific clinician will receive an appointment request from the client requesting the appointment. They then have the ability to accept or reject the request. 


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  • Susan McDonald-Conroy

    I have a shared office practice rather than a group practice so that each practitioner has their own SP account and revenue goes directly to them.  How can I approximate the kind of scheduling outlined above? Or best practice since clients are trying to book from joint website?

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  • Tisha Juggins, PsyD

    Is it possible to add a booking widget to a WIX website?

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  • Teressa Crawford

    Hello I have the booking widget on my website. However client's are not able to schedule a consultation with me. It is requiring new clients to call although I did not require clients to call me for this service.  Please help.

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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone, 

    I apologize for the delay in getting to this post. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we've experienced a backlog in the Community Forum. Although we're improving response times and more closely monitoring the Community Forum, the quickest way to get help about your specific account is by submitting a Help Request email. The Community Forum is a great place to get help with general questions and exchange ideas with fellow SimplePractice customers. I'm happy to answer your questions as best I can below: 

    Susan - Each SimplePractice account will have its own Booking Widget Code. If every clinician in your office has their own account, they'll want to add their code to the website individually. You can copy your Booking Widget Code by going to Settings > Booking Widget. I'd suggest each clinician pastes their Booking Widget Code separately on your website. The client will be able to book an appointment for whatever clinician they intend to see. There's no way to integrate all of your Availability into one Booking Widget Code so the client can see all available appointments for all clinicians in the office at once. 

    Dr. - Yes it is, please refer to this guide for more information about adding your Booking Widget Code to your Wix Website:

    Teressa - You'll want to check if you've checked the box to "Allow Services to be Bookable by New Clients" in Settings > Client Portal. Then make sure that you've "Allowed New Clients to Book" in Settings > Billing & Services > Services for this service. Also, uncheck the box to "Require Clients to Call." Lastly, go to your Calendar > Availability, click on your Availability timeframes and make sure this service is checked off. If new clients still can't book appointments, submit an email Help Request so we can investigate further.  

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