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DBT Progress Note template



  • David Llewellyn

    Well done, Christine!  I have a DBT therapy note that I created, but yours is much more thorough. I am going to modify now.  thank you!  I hope you get the votes to have it added.

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  • Leslie Wright

    Thanks for sharing!  

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  • Antonia Caliboso

    Wow. I wish they'd add this the template library!  Thanks for spending the time to create this and being willing to share!

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  • Stasia Dompkowski-Mann

    This is wonderful!  Thank you for sharing

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  • Kalisha Baptiste



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  • Jill Cain

    Great job! Seeing this gives me ideas of how to create my own template!

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    YES! please add this


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  • Renee Stemmer LCSW

    This progress note is helpful and definitely will use it. Thank you for sharing it!

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  • Linda Hardy

    SP, please add this to the template library.  Thanks.

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  • Emily Zeller

    Is there an easy way to copy this note and add it as one of my own? I love it!

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  • Ruth

    Hi Emily, 

    I can clarify this for you. You'll want to use Christine's DBT Note as a guide, or reference, to build the template in your account. There isn't a way to upload another SimplePractice account's custom template into yours.

    The Notes and Forms Template Exchange is designed to facilitate an exchange of ideas between SimplePractice users on how customize their templates. You're welcome to use these examples to create your own notes, forms, or assessments; however, you can't transcribe, or share, templates between accounts through the SimplePractice platform. 

    From time to time, we consider uploading a customer's template to our Template Library for all customers to access.

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  • Danielle A. Haynes

    I wish this or other progress note templates were available

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  • Stan Tatkin

    Hey Emily, et al.,

    The problem I'm having with Progress Notes handling is the inability to make fields go horizontal across the page instead of vertical only. Check boxes and radials are vertical.

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  • Susan Robens

    I love this!  thank you for sharing all your hard work. use the idea and build my own.

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  • Carin Osvog


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