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deleting a service from the list of services or changing a service




  • Gillian

    Hi Gay! To change a Service Code under My Account > Settings > Billing and Services > Services, just click the name of the service. You can inactivate or delete a service code or codes. Please do note that when insurance companies require a modifier, you'll need to manually enter that modifier on claim forms prior to submitting them.

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  • Tonya Dunn

    I need information on deleting the service. It seems like there is no way to unmark it as a default service either.

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  • Romely Ritoli

    I cannot delete a. service line completely in order to submit the claim. Can you please advise how to do so.

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  • Ruth

    Hi Tonya and Romely - I'm happy to further assist you. 

    Tonya - To delete a default service code, you'll first want to make another service code the default. In My Account > Settings > Billing and Services > Services, click on another service code, check the box to "Make this the service code," save your changes. Now, click on the old default service code, the one you'd like to delete, now click the red link to Delete Service. 

    Here is a screenshot in my test account: 

    Romely - If you'd like to delete a Date of Service from appearing on a claim that you haven't submitted yet, you can do so by manually editing the claim, or deleting the claim and regenerating it without this Date of Service. 

    If you're manually editing a claim, know that the claim will still be associated with the deleted date of service and you'll need to edit each form field associated with the service line, including the Total Charge in Box 28. Click the Edit button to the top right of the claim, pictured here: 

    To generate a claim that doesn't include a specific dates of service, you can mark the appointment Self-Pay from the client's Billing page. Here is more on Appointment Level Billing Changes. 

    Then generate a batch claim for the client from your Billing > Insurance > Unbilled Appointments page. You can click on the arrow to the right of the client's name to see a full list of their Insurance Pay sessions and check the boxes next to the ones you'd like to include in your claim. Find out more about Creating Batch Claims

    Here is a screenshot in my test account:

    NOTE: If you're resubmitting a corrected claim that's already been processed, you do not want to delete it. Please follow these instructions on Resubmitting a Corrected Claim instead. 

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