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  • Gillian

    Hi Theresa! We're currently working towards more features for family and group sessions with the functionalities you describe. In the meantime, many of our customers who work with groups choose to copy/paste the note from one group participant to another and use the "Load Previous Note" function to carry forward the note from last week. Let me know if that helps you accomplish what you're looking to do here.

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  • Lisa Creef

    Any progress since Oct 18?


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  • Nancy Rubbico


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  • Ruth

    Hi Everyone, happy to give an update on this feature! At this time, you can schedule a appointments with and write notes for a Couple Client Profile, but we're still working on an official way to accommodate groups of 3+ participants.

    For now, if you need to hold a Group Session and would like to enter their notes in one place and hold a Telehealth appointment with them, follow these steps:

    • Create a new client in the system. Name the client something that will help you identify which particular group this is, such as “Group X” (the “X” can be an identifying word). We do not recommend identifying this group using a single person’s PHI.

    • Create a Telehealth appointment with “Group X” selected as the client.

    • Share the unique link from this group Telehealth appointment to each client in the group manually.

    • Explain to the clients in the group that they must be careful not to share the link with others.

      • If you also see a member of the group individually as a client, be sure to explain to that client that they’ll need to use the link attached to their individual appointments for their one-on-one sessions.

    • For every future appointment you have with this particular group, you’ll have to manually share the unique link to each individual before the appointment.

    • You’ll need to repeat these steps each time you create a new group.

    • You can copy and paste the notes you took for the Group X client as Chart Notes in the individual clients' files. 

    Please also note that SimplePractice does not officially endorse this alternative workflow, and our team is unable to help troubleshoot issues for any group Telehealth appointments at this time. Additionally, we assume no liability or responsibility for managing these group links should you choose to create them.

    We're in development for this feature, which will accommodate Group Client Profiles, Group Sessions, Group Notes and all the functionality you'll need for 3+ participants in a session. Please keep your eye out for status updates on this feature request and feel free to add your comments, we'd love your feedback during this development phase: .  

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  • Phillip Horner LCSW Supervisor

    hoping we can make a group note function still.  Any updated on a way to do this?

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  • Phillip Horner LCSW Supervisor

    I have been hoping for 5 years now that someday there would be a note that would work for 3+ participants, so far I have been disappointed. PLEASE make this a priority or we will be moving to another system in the coming month.  I had used plenty of systems before that worked well with group notes, so far this is the only one I have had that does not work well with it.


    Thank you for taking the time and energy and fixing this and finding a solution.

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