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  • Official comment

    The current month in Insights is a projection based on expected income. The system looks at appointments scheduled on your calendar and adds the expected income based on the rates you set for those appointments. Because Products are not scheduled in advance, the system has no way to estimate what income from products is likely to be for the current month. Once payment in received for invoices that include products, they will be included as income received. If you would like to know more about how this estimate is calculated, we have an article on the Help Center right here:

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  • Katrina Crader MD

    The estimate is never even slightly close. I don’t think anyone finds it useful. But it would be nice to see how much we actually made in total. #JustSaying

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  • Mike

    If products are a significant percentage of your practice's monthly income, then the estimated income displayed can't be accurate. There is no way for the system to anticipate charges that are not added until an invoice is created.

    For the majority of practices using SimplePractice, products are not a significant portion of income, and the report has tended to be accurate. Although there are other factors in how various practices operate that affect the accuracy of this particular feature.

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  • Ed Sussman

    How can I look at a glance by day how many appointments are scheduled for the month

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  • Ruth

    Hi Ed - Although you can set your Calendar display to show all the upcoming appointments you have for the month, there isn't a report in SimplePractice that lists all the upcoming appointments on a single page. I'd recommend referring to this guide on Customizing the calendar view and printing your schedule.

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