Group Therapy Progress Note Template (PDF)

I created this Group Therapy Progress note template from a generic PDF I downloaded from here.  Then I used PDFEscape to make each field editable for text by following the instructions provided on this YouTube video.  The resultant template has been added to my public directory for download and use: click here

You will want to save it in the Client Portal under Files (however this file is editable in your PDF viewer, not read-only).

When you use this template, you will NOT be sending it to the client.  It is for your recordkeeping.  To use the template, open it by viewing the file from the Shared Documents and Files tab in the client portal.  Fill in the fields with your keyboard (or finger, if your computer or tablet allows for it--works way better with a stylus).  When done, save the document as a PDF on your local drive.  Just so you know, the fillable fields do not always appear with shading, so you may have to click on the field in order to enter text.  You then upload the completed form back into the client's EHR (attach it as a new document on the Session Note page).  Enjoy!