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No horizontal scroll bar in Insights> Appt Status




  • Gillian

    Hi Andrew, while there's no horizontal scroll bar, you should still be able to scroll on this page using your mouse. Let me know if you're having issues viewing the full report. 

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  • Cheri G. Anderson


    Today I lost my ability to scroll manually or with a mouse?  Also somehow I have reconfigured the calendar and I can see information.  It appears I made the box smaller where you schedule people in the calendar.  I apologize for lack of correct verbage. 




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  • Ruth

    Hi Cheri, I'd recommend checking your Settings > Calendar to see the hours and days of the week you've chosen to show under Calendar Display. If your Calendar Display is set to show more hours, then you'll be able to scroll up and down to see all those hours displayed on your Calendar homepage. You can also go to your Calendar homepage and change the Calendar view to Week, or Day. 

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