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Can ONE clinician operate in TWO separate locations?




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    Hi Lydia,

    I hope you're having a terrific Tuesday so far. I'd be happy to clarify here. 

    Our SimplePractice Professional for Groups account is meant to be used by practices looking to operate as a single business entity. This means that your logo, billing, documents and other practice details will be shared and can't be separated. 

    You won't be able to add a phone number to a specific location, but you can still add it to the number to the phone section of your account to be included with the rest of your numbers. To get here you can navigate to My Account > Settings > Practice details Phone: ​
    Take a look at these helpful guides for more information: 

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  • Gillian

    Hi Dane, yes they can. However, a clinician cannot be booked in two locations at the same time. 

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  • Lydia S. Lennihan

    Where do I add phone number for second office location? He has his own cell phone number.


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  • Luke Carter, Psyd

    I offer both Telehealth and Office visits. On the client portal I have a bunch of empty spots in my schedule in the "office" location but the "telehealth" is full. How can I open up my schedule to include both telehealth and office for those needing therapy? This is causing a dilemma with my patients. I am afraid I will lose clientele over this issue.  There has got to be an easy fix to this. Your response is greatly appreciated.

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  • Lynell Howard

    I notice that in the scheduling link clients can only book video sessions for me and only office sessions for the second clinician on my account. How can I give clients the choice of both for each of us?

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