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New Blue Cross Superbill Requirement?




  • Gillian

    Hi Goal, thanks for your post. This is the first we've heard of this requirement at SimplePractice, but we will be following this post to see whether other providers are hearing the same thing from Blue Cross of Oregon so we can consider a change to the format of Superbills accordingly. 

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  • Goali Bocci

    Thanks Gillian!  I was surprised when my client said this as I've been incredibly grateful that the Simple Practice superbill is designed to meet the needs of virtually every type of insurance out there.  So I'm looking forward to hearing from others regarding this as well.  Thanks again!


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  • Melissa Martin

    Hey Goali,


    I am billing at our practice and I have not heard anything about this requirement.  Now I have had a couple of clients ask me for a super bill for their taxes since the new year started.  They use this for their mediczl deductions.  However, it should include only what they've paid.  I was not required to include the dx.  The super bill should show what they were charged and what the client themselves paid.  

    I recommend calling BCBS and asking about this "new" policy in order to be prepared for any other BCBS clients asking for the same thing.

    If a client requests anything about personal info, if they have access to the client portal, I believe they also have access to their personal info.  I will definitely be looking into this. 


    Thank you for the update. 


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  • Goali Bocci

    Thanks for the update, Melissa!  Much appreciated!  I recommended the client reach out to their insurance regarding this directly given it was a form letter (which I know are often sent out erroneously).

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