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Invoices vs. Superbills




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    Liz B.

    Hi Patricia,

    It's exciting to hear that you're entering private practice. To give you some more information, Superbills are going to be used by your clients to get reimbursed by their insurance. Invoices in SimplePractice behave like bills (when they are Unpaid) and receipts (when they are Paid). They are the building block of our billing system, and sessions on a Superbill are marked as paid or unpaid by the client based on the paid or unpaid status of the Invoice associated with that date of service.

    Here's an example Superbill. This client's sessions ​from 1/15 - 1/28 are associated with Paid Invoices, but the session on 1/30 hasn't been paid yet, so the Paid column has $0 for that date of service. 

    However, you don't need to share these Invoices with clients unless they request them, since the payers don't need the Invoices themselves in order to process reimbursements. 

    To learn more, check out our Help Center guides:

    Please let me know if there's anything else I can do to help you,

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  • Briana Lefman

    How do I generate a superbill with the following information for a client who needs it for all of our past sessions in order to provide it to to insurer?


    Dates of Service

    Diagnosis Code

    All of My Licensing Demographic Information

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  • Kara Johnson

    Did you ever get an answer to this? I am trying to do the same. 

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  • Philip K. McBrain

    Go to the Client page of the client in question. 

    Click on Billing

    Select the date range for which you wish to create the Superbill (e.g., 8/1/2019-8/31/2019)

    Click the button to the right of the date range and select Superbill. 

    This will create a Superbill with any sessions that took place within the date range specified. The Superbill will contain your business name, tax-id, session date, description of service, amount of invoice (unpaid or paid).

    Not sure about adding the Dx code, but I think there is a video or at least a Help article for adding Dx code to the Superbill.

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  • Nanette Baltazar

    Hi there,

    I am trying to create a Superbill for each encounter. A couple of questions I need answered:

    1) My client's superbills got denied for reimbursement due to they were batched all together. Is it possible to create individual superbills for each encounter? If so, how do I do this? 

    2) Where on the Superbill can I put the client's address? I do not see it on the Superbill for my clients. 

    Thank you for your help. 

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  • Ruth

    Hi Nanette, I'm happy to help! To have each Superbill only contain one date of service, you can go to the client's Billing tab and adjust the date range to only contain one session date. Then hit the +Create New > Superbill for just that appointment. You'll want to delete any Superbill you've already created for the session prior to regenerating it. 

    Did you add the client's address in their client file > Edit > Client Info tab? If the client was a minor, did you add an address for their Contact that's "Responsible for Billing"? If so, the client's address, or the "Responsible Party" Contact's address, should appear on the Superbil. 

    Hi Everyone, we're sorry we didn't get to this post earlier, but Superbills are generated from session invoices. If you've added an appointment to your SimplePractice Calendar and created an invoice for that session, then when you generate the Superbill the "Date of Service" should appear on it. Furthermore, if you've added a diagnosis code to your client's Overview page > +Create New > Diagnosis & Treatment Plan that predates this session, then this too will appear on the Superbill. Credentials that you've added in Settings > Basic Info > Clinical Info should appear on your Superbill as well. 

    Happy to answer anyone's follow-up questions! 

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  • Courtney Plank

    Is it possible to automate these superbills to send to the client at the end of every month?

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