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Dx codes and Wiley




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    Hi there, Nikki. 

    I hope your Wednesday has been wonderful so far. 

    I did some investigating on my end, and I'm currently seeing that diagnosis code "F90.9- Attention- deficit​ hyperactivity disorder, unspecified type" through "F90.0- Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, predominantly inattentive type" populates three different treatment options to work with through Wiley: 

    Can you please let me know if you are using any of those ICD 10 codes? This will help us investigate a bit further into why this may not be populating for you. 


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  • Nicole “Nikki” Schwartz

    Hi! I recently looked into this again and don’t think I ever saw the response, so thank you for following up on that. There was a glitch that was cleared up and some Tx plans do populate now.

    However, F90.2 ADHD combined, does not populate the Adult Planner with the ADD Adult plan, only Parenting.

    But f90.0 (ADHD inattentive) and f90.1 (ADHD hyperactive/impulsive) both triggers the ADD-Adult plan. Is that just an error? It’s one of the most common Dx in my practice.

    (The Addiction Planner option is inappropriate for most of my clients as the goals are primarily related to substance abuse)

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Jessica Harrison

    I have to do an adult tx plan for ADHD. Did you ever get a good answer?


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  • Nicole “Nikki” Schwartz

    Jessica, the best I can come up with is the Adult ADHD plans come up for Inattentive and Hyperactive/Impulsive, but not combined (unless the addiction Tx plans suit your needs).

    I’m starting to use the basic Tx plan template with TextExpander to write a better Tx plan for this and Autism. Those are my two most common Dx and Wiley is good, but does not address these well for adults.

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