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What happens when I delete an Office location?




  • Official comment

    Thank you for following up on your Idea and Suggestion posting. Our apologies for not replying sooner. When looking for assistance, please submit requests directly to our Help Center so we can assist in a timely manner.

    When you no longer are active at an office location, you can delete the office from My Account > Settings > Practice Details by clicking the trash can icon. This office location will no longer appear in your future session availability. This should only be done after you've finished creating insurance claims and superbills for appointments that occurred there. 

    The first office listed in your Practice Details will be your default office location. To remove your Telehealth office as your default location, delete the Telehealth office, and then re-add it with the same details.

    For a detailed guide on updating office locations please see this guide posted in our Help Center in September: What should I update in SimplePractice when I move my office location?

    Currently we do not have any plans for adding an inactive office feature as we provide functionality to remove and add office locations at any time. 

    Please let me know if you have any additional questions and I can assist further.

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  • Heidi DeLoveh

    I recently moved my office location, so I have the same questions. 

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  • Marty Schwebel

    I'd really like to know the answer to this question as well. 

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  • Joe Yensel

    I deleted a closed location when we first started and all the appointments became listed as unknown location. The ability to close an office would be really helpful especially in regards to the client portal. 

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  • John Thompson

    As the original poster of this question, I'm still afraid to delete a location I no longer use. 

    I'd really like the option to 'hide' the location (without, say, actually deleting it). The name of the location appears in dropdown lists when creating a new client. It also appears in the client portal for scheduling sessions (albeit with no availability - but it leads clients to believing I still work in that location.) 

    Also, my Telehealth location seems to be the 'default' location for new clients and appears as the first location in the client portal. I'd love to be able to order locations in addition to hiding unused locations. 

    Still frustrated with no resolution. 


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  • Marielle A. Stair

    I'm having trouble!! I recently deleted a practice location, and for some reason ALL my calendar appointments- past, present, and future have been changed to the new non-default location. I don't understand why past appointments were changed once they have already occurred. And there are no answers. I will have to manually go in and change a year worth of appointments!?

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  • Gillian

    Marielle, a member of our Success team will reach out to you today to assist.

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  • Jamie Beck

    I have not gone live with SP yet.  I am most concerned with the Telehealth location showing up as the default location since it would undoubtably be selected without much thought.  With that in mind, I would like to only have it appear for specific patients.  The “hide” button seems the best option.  I think it is appearing above the physical office location because of the coding: 02 for telehealth vs. 11 for office.

    Thank you—

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  • Gillian

    Hi Jamie, thank you for your feedback regarding how to make SimplePractice even better. Currently, it's not possible to hide an Office Location from your Client Portal - however, we are working on making Location management in the Portal more flexible, and appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts here in our Community Forum. 

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  • Yasmin LLuveras

    I have 2 calendars so I deleted one of my locations. I still see 2 calendars and dont want to.How can I delete a calendar?

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  • Gillian

    Hi Yasmin, I'd be happy to help. When you use SimplePractice's Online Booking feature, you'll have two Calendars - one where your client's appointments are scheduled, and one where you can block out your availability for online scheduling. 

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  • Chris Fadgen

    Seems like a basic function to make a previous office location hidden or inactive. There are sufficient reasons to NOT wipe that address from our office locations despite the need to retire it from facing the public.

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