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Billing code for intake mental health assessments




  • Brenda Willis

    We (LPC and LCSW) use 90791 to bill intake assessments. This is for a diagnostic session without medical treatment. It has been approved by all major insurance companies (United, BCBS, Cigna, Humana, Medicare, VA, Tricare, TriWest, etc.)

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  • Jamie L. Johnson

    What are LPC using in simple practice: Clinical MH assessment form or Biopsychosocial or doesnt it matter, I  am not sure which one is better. 

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  • Gillian

    Hi Sue, I'd be happy to help with this. SimplePractice allows you to select your preferred Progress Note template when adding a Progress Note. If you'd like to use a different Progress Note template for intakes, you can select your preferred template from the drop-down menu at the top of the Progress Note. 

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  • Cindy Busto

    What code should I use to bill for a mental health  assessment document preparation?(our client will submit this bill/invoice to the insurance company for a reimbursement) 

    Please help.

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  • Julia Overlin

    Trying to decide what to charge for the initial appointment and which "intake assessment" (Biopsychosocial, the one we presently do for outpatient community mh, or Standard Intake Assessment for first intro appointment would be best for private practice?

    For initial appointment I plan to also present Informed Consent etc and follow-up with the Biopsychosocial as the second allowing for deeper clarification on Hx and needs? Am I on the right track, is this what others are doing as well? My own experience in pp indicates some people may only want one "tune up" appointment and short-term. Maybe that answers my question. Based on what they indicate in the "Standard Intake Assessment," if warranting a Biopsychosocial Assessment I can recommend and schedule a second followup for further clarification on how best to meet their needs therapeutically. 

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  • Sue Gessler

    I correctly billed an intake as 90791, but when I went to write the note only a progress note was offered to create.

    Any advice.


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  • Monica Crawford

    My billing claims were rejected due to the wrong billing code and no modifier attached.  Can someone help me with the CPT code for intake assessment and the modifier that is supposed to be used as well as the CPT code for regular therapy sessions with a modifier.  Thanks

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