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Setting a specific CPT code to not be billed to insurance




  • Gillian

    Hi Lindsay, while there isn't currently a way to do this automatically, you can change individual sessions to Self-Pay on the client's Billing tab by hovering your mouse over the session fee and clicking "edit." 

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  • F. Charles Frey IV, PhD

    Gillian, what if a patient receives multiple services on the same day, some of which are billable to insurance (e.g., ADHD testing) and others that are not (e.g., educational testing)? 

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  • Shobha Nandivada



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  • Ruth

    Hi Shobna, if you'd like to delete a CPT Code from appearing as one of your services offered, you can delete it from your Settings > Billing & Services > Services. Click on the service and then hit the trash icon to the right that appears. If you'd like to change the CPT Code of a particular appointment, first delete any billing documents associated with the appointment, then change it from the Calendar flyout, or from your client's Billing page. 

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  • Beth White

    I would like to set certain billing codes as self-pay that are not billable to insurance as well. (e.g., bill one-hour therapy sessions to insurance and life coaching as self-pay). Please advise. Thank you.

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